KERISMA is a versatile knitwear line consciously designed for creative, intelligent, and free-spirited women.

We have been proudly dressing the modern-day woman since April 2010. Originally, we started out as a father/daughter duo, but later grew to be a full family owned and operated business. Today, our Kerisma team is comprised of talented and dedicated individuals from various backgrounds with exceptional skill sets. The passion and work that goes into creating and sharing our brand with the world brings us incredible joy and fulfillment.

As a year-round knitwear line, we offer many natural and synthetic yarn blends at various gauges. We specialize in contemporary silhouettes which are versatile and timeless. Extensive research is conducted in order to produce high end knits that are friendly to the wallet. Our valued retailers appreciate our margin- building collections and consistently showcase us season after season. We pride ourselves in maintaining longstanding relationships with our dear customers.

In addition to our two main collections, we offer Private Label and Custom Design collaborations. Please contact our local Sales Rep for further information to setup your account.

Our approach to design and editing is rigorous yet inherently simple.

 Each knit creation must abide by the following equation (in this order):


While our fully fashioned knits are produced overseas, our “Proudly made in China” stamp is a promise to keep our production standards ethical, quality high, and originality to its fullest.