A charismatic being exudes positivity and comfort. KERISMA is a contemporary fashion brand conceived with this same individual in mind. Founded by father/daughter duo — Phil & Lihui (B.Architecture ’05, Pratt) — KERISMA’s inception is a natural yet logical progression from the duo’s combined experience in fashion, garment manufacturing, design & architecture in Paris, New York, and lately LA.


Our approach to design and editing is rigorous yet inherently simple. Each knit creation must abide by the following equation (in this order):


While our fully fashioned knits are produced overseas, our “Proudly made in China” stamp is a promise to keep our production standards ethical, quality high, and originality to its fullest.

KERISMA has grown to encompass three distinct collections:






Above all, KERISMA is a work in progress, like each one of us constantly honing, defining and refining our design ethos.